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A perfect leisure travel to Tung Thu Beach Hai Phong
  • By adminuhm
  • 16/11/2018
Tung Thu Beach Hai phong, an attractive destination, is always the first choice of tourists when visiting Hai Phong. With the burning of summer heat, tourist delicately releases daily busy, immerses and enjoys the natural scenery in cool water. This is a great gift that the beach glamours the guests.   

The route to Tung Thu Beach in Hai Phong

Tung Thu beach is about 2km far from Cat Ba town, is a project built with high quality model with international standard hotels and resorts. Starting from Hai Phong city, take a boat to Cat Ba island and transfer by motorbike or transit car, tourist easily looks at the beach of unspoiled beauty, surrounded by the encircled cliffs.

Tung Thu Hai Phong Beach

 Flycam photo of Tung Thu Cat Ba Beach

Being like a bright green diamonds of Cat Ba pearl islands, Tung Thu Beach owns a long sandy beach next to the slight coconut waves. With the beauty as a haughty girl, the cleanest beach of the island certainly brings visitors relaxation, pleasant to heart.

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Many exciting outdoor activities at Tung Thu Beach in Cat Ba

Tung Thu Cat Ba Beach is not only a charming natural landscape, but also extremely lively with sporting activities, exciting events taking place on the sea. Being the only place in Cat Ba island with an open-air stage designed by unique ideas on the sea, Tung Thu Beach promises to be an unforgettable destination for family trips as well as exciting MICE experiences.

Tung Thu Cat Ba Beach

The fun outdoor activities on the Tung Thu Cat Ba Beach

Come here with beloved people, visitors can stay at one of the best charming beach resorts, takes some memory photos, walks together on the sand, cruises on the boat or trys adventure feeling with the sports on beach.

If being chosen for travel group, Tung Thu Beach is very friendly, quickly satisfying visitors with spacious space, sandy beach, suitable for organizing fun outdoor team-building with full of relaxation.

Enjoy the typical cuisine in Tung Thu Hai Phong Beach

Coming to the sea, returning to nature, surely the delicious dishes from fresh seafood always bring an irresistible attraction. The beauty of Tung Thu beach, Cat Ba island is not only the poetical picturesque but also deeply expresses through the unique culinary characteristics, the delicious taste combined with appealing decorative arts.

Fresh seafood at Tung Thu Beach

Fresh seafood at Tung Thu Cat Ba Beach

Though it is also full of sea flavor, when visiting Cat Ba, Tung Thu Beach, visitors have to enjoy the delicious grilled geoduck with onion grease dish, the fantastic grilled horseshoe crab, the delightful seafood hot pot. For those who want to enjoy the high aftertaste, you can taste lobster steamed beer, Song fish steamed soya sauce or sea snake stuffed with chili, lemongrass. The dishes which are delicious with new taste absolutely satisfy the gourmet.

Leisure travel is not only the enjoyment but also the exploration and saving value of life. Visiting Cat Ba, let enjoy vacation at Tung Thu Beach Hai Phong, harmonize with the rhythm of nature to enrich and feed the soul lightly

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