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Cat Ba National park - The beauty of wild
  • By Andrew_UHM
  • 15/11/2018
Cat Ba National Park on the island of Cat Ba, located off the coast of Hai Phong city and about 30km from the city center, is an extremely interesting sights of the port area. Cat Ba National Forest Resort has been recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve with a rich and unique population, suitable for visitors to explore, relax and explore.

Cat Ba World Tour

Cat Ba National Park - Miniature Ecosystem

Cat Ba National Park is a unique area of ​​Vietnam, Biosphere Reserve of the world, so there are many rare species of animals and plants, extremely rich organisms with over 741 different species. It is a combination of many ecosystems, including montane evergreen forest, highland montane forests, coastal mangroves, coastal areas, cave systems, valleys and residential areas. The best time to visit Cat Ba National Park is from April to October.

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Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba has an area of ​​up to 15.200 ha, possessing an ideal natural environment for the development of many kinds of plants and animals. The park has been recognized by UNESSCO as the biosphere reserve of the world. Here you can see countless limestone karsts, or caves, waterfalls, streams flowing in the rainy season to the sea. In addition, Cat Ba National Park attracts tourists by the values ​​of human history. The archaeological sites found here suggest that humans may have lived in this area between 6000 and 7000 years ago.

One day Trekking at Cat Ba National Park

Tourism Cat Ba National Park will add an interesting, if you choose the form of trekking, the journey lasts about 8km of trails in the forest green trees luxuriant. One of the many trekking routes to choose from, starting at Cat Ba in the early morning, stopping at Frog Lake, enjoying a cool, fresh air, watching the ground beams, and enjoying lunch. frogs tingle here. After a rest take a moment to explore the Fog Pond - a unique area of ​​the mountain forests in the north, a famous landscape of Cat Ba National Park.

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Cat Ba National Forest Tour

Continue exploring Cat Ba forest, you will go to the small fishing village of Viet Hai. This land is inside the surrounding mountains, to be here only or through the sea, landing Viet Hai port or climbing over the national forest as the last journey. End your journey on the train back to rest at the hotel in Cat Ba, to prepare for the next exciting journey.

Cat Ba National Park is an ideal place, giving you the feeling of being in harmony with nature, enjoying the beauty and freshness as "heaven in the world". With the sea, forests and old fishing villages Cat Ba is a charming destination for adventurous souls. Explore Cat Ba together!
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