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Discover the Dau island lighthouse - the lamp lights among the middle of the sea
  • By adminuhm
  • 15/11/2018
Located in Do Son area, about 1 km away from the Nghieng waterstation and only about 15 minutes by boat (60,000 per person round-trip) is that you came to beautiful Dau island. On the island, besides a Border Guard station, a Meteorological Station, a temple, and two fishing households, the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam - Hon Dau is the most attractive attraction here.

hon dau island

Hon Dau lighthouse - sacred beauty of ancient

Built by the French in 1892 and completed in 1896, in June 1898 the lighthouse was officially operated. Dao Dau - the "eye of the pearl" of the fatherland with a height of 22.7m and an average width of 5m. Designed to illuminate within 22 knots, white light and flashing lights at 15-second intervals, the lighthouse was once the bright spot for non-digital boat.

From the island, to reach the Hon Dau island, you have to cross the winding 600 m long road to the center of the island. Trees grow well on both sides of the road, which making visitors feel lost in the magical space of the mountains. One thing that Do Son people consider sacred and show respect for the god of the island: it does not break the leaves, breaking the trees on the island. So the trees on the island were not cut, four good green season.

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hon dau

The Hon Ddau lighthouse is a two floors building and in the middle is the lamp tower. More than a hundred years old lighthouse, known as the Pearl of the Fatherland, will bring a new look to visitors. From here, look down to see Hon Dau, you will feel the beauty of a very spectacular landscape, with different levels of blue: the blue of the sea, the blue of the sky and the green of trees. What is a scene holding the visitors?

Hon Dau lighthouse carries the breath of modernity

Not many people know that the Hon Dau lighthouse was once a place bombed by US imperial aircraft, causing the lights to collapse completely on April 27, 1967.

Workers quickly set up 17 meter high iron lamps replacing the collapsed lights to ensure the restoration of the lighthouse for production and combat. In 1986 the lamp was rebuilt on an old foundation and in 1995 was repaired, restored to its original shape.

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hon dai hai phong

Therefore, the floating lighthouse Hon Dau is more than 100 years old but still very "modern". Probably, only primitive forests are ancient in here.

"Backpack, bag that tried to wear

Climb to top tower, rapidly breath

Cool fresh flowers will respond"

That is just one of the many poems written on the boards on the way to the island of Hon Dau. This earnest invitation makes the legs tired to climb to the top of the island of Hon Dau. In a moment of  heart, visitors will feel the quiet space of heaven, the sound of the leaves, the sound of sea waves clapping on the rock. Then we love the beauty of the country of Vietnam.

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