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Discover the uniqueness of Elephant Mountain and the Elephant Mountain Festival in Hai Phong
  • By Andrew_UHM
  • 15/11/2018
Elephant Mountain and Festival and Elephant Festival in Hai Phong are the names that can not be mentioned when talking about Hai Phong tourism. If beautiful Elephant Mountain is a precious gift that nature has donated, the Elephant Festival is the highlight, creating a unique, unique tourist map of the city of red phoenix. There are mountains, sea, traditional festivals, ....

nui voi hai phong

Scenic Elephant Mountain- the beauty of creativity

Elephant Mountain is known as a beautiful scenic destination among the fertile plain, located about 25km southwest of the city center. It is impossible not to admire the shape of the peninsula as giant with huge caves, large lakes, including it is the elephant Cave, Ca Vi cave, Gong cave, or cave Drum, carp cave ... all these caves to this day still as preserved full of wild, mysterious.

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le hoi nui voi o hai phong

Today, Mount Elephant is still standing in the middle of the sky, bringing the beauty of both history and history. All seems to bring cultural values ​​of the land people.

Caves on Elephant Mountain in bold achievements against foreign invaders of the people of Hai Phong, An Lao with the vow:

"At the top of the mountain I swear

Not kill the enemy, not to return Elephant Mountain "

Haiphong Elephant Mountain Festival - rare beauty is preserved

The traditional Elephant Mountain Festival, held on the 14th, 15th and 16th lunar month of the year, has attracted a large number of tourists to attend the festival. The scenic landscape, Elephant heritage hidden in his vestiges and unique historical legends, the sacred in sacred space. This is also a chance for visitors to learn about the ancient land of ancient history and participate in unique cultural activities.

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Haiphong Elephant Mountain Festival

Haiphong Elephant Festival is not only a chance for people to honor and remember the heroes and people who have contributed to the country and the countryside, but also the occasion of each village introducing visitors to near distant potential. my hometown. In the festival, all the villages on the bottom of the village have a lot of exciting activities such as: organizing wrestling competition, chicken competition, cultural festival, sports ... living in the space of traditional culture.

Festival of Elephant Mountain in Haiphong is a testament to the preservation of religious tourism to find the roots combined natural scenery, as the pace of life is increasingly hustle. Hai Phong Elephant Mountain Cultural Tours is an interesting stop for visitors to all regions of the country. Come to Elephant Mountain and take part in Hai Phong Elephant Festival, for a chance to experience the splendor of the red flower city.

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