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Have you heard the story of Cat Ba Monkey Island
  • By adminuhm
  • 16/11/2018
Stories make people closer and understand others. And the story of Cat Ba Monkey Island is penned with folk, idyllic and closest things. Being a potential land of ecotourism, Cat Ba Monkey Island welcomes visitors to visit, return to nature and deep down in the story of their own feeling.

Specialties make up reputation of Cat Ba Monkey Island

Come to Cat Ba Monkey Island, tourists will absolutely surprise with the extremely vivid beauty of this place, imagine having a chance to become Katy Perry in the hit "Roar". That is the specialty of Cat Ba Monkey Island, the feature that only the word "lively" can describe.

Cat Ba Monkey Island

A few mischievous monkeys in Cat Ba Monkey Island

Being more prominent than other attractions, Cat Ba Monkey Island is the beauty of the nature of mountains and rivers, which is more charming by the appearance of naive and naughty monkeys. The name also reflects on the landscape here because at present, there are more than 20 monkeys on the island. The monkeys are very brave with people, often down the mountain to play, eat food from visitors, there are funny and petie monkeys flattering, climbing up, getting impressed with visitors.

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It’s so perfect to visy Cat Ba Monkey Island and the way to there is also very easy

Previously, because on Cat Ba Monkey Island there were many wild pineapple fruit looks good but not eat should be named Pineapple Island. People who go fishing often get it to soak or make cool drinking water to treat diabetes. Located about 1km away from Cat Ba town, tourists will sail boat from Beo wharf to Cai Beo fishing village, then pass some small islands and go straight to the Monkey Island.

Monkey Island cat ba

The beach at Cat Ba Monkey Island

Visitors can easily see the Cat Ba Monkey Island with the shape of mountains with the sandy beach stretching miles. Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2 are two natural beaches in favor of Monkey Island. The main beach is Cat Dua 1, attracting a lot of visitors to entertain, bathe in the cool water. Cat Dua 2 is more narrow but is invested with many high-service, modern building, it is an ideal destination of the riched.

Laughter on Cat Ba Monkey Island with funny activities

It sounds great when visiting Cat Ba Monkey Island in summer. Distracted from the dust of the bustling metropolis, come to Monkey Island, you can enjoy cool wind under the roof of the bungalow, immerse yourself in the delicious seafood, lightly soak in salty beach or can rent floats, go kayak. It is an ideal place to relax and quiet for the daily worries.

Lan Ha Bay viewed from the top of Cat Ba Monkey Island

Lan Ha Bay viewed from the top of Cat Ba Monkey Island

The beauty looking from the top mountain of Cat Ba Monkey Island also dangles adventurous soul. Climbing up to the mountain, visitors can capture the panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of small and large islands rising in blue purified water surrounding around the white sandy beaches.

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The story of Cat Ba Monkey Island is not a story to hear and understand. It should be a little trip to see and feel. Pausing in the middle, hope that you can visit Cat Ba Monkey Island to fulfill this story by your own real emotions at least once.
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