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Historical tourism to The Cannon Fort in Hai Phong
  • By adminuhm
  • 29/03/2019

The Cannon Fort - a big echo of times, is a pristine relic of heroic country history. Actually, I get the real feeling only when I stand there because “I grew up when the country no longer divided into North and South”, the war was only in my father's thoughtful words and mother’s warm lullaby. If you visit Hai Phong, let drop over there to see and feel, to love more of the motherland country.

For further information:

  • Entrance fee: for adults: VND 50,000/person; for children: VND 20,000/person.
  • Electric car fee: VND 50,000/person.
  • Sightseeing fee by the observatory: VND 5,000/person.
  • Opening hours: 8.00 – 17.00 daily.

The Cannon Fort in Hai Phong

The beautiful bays view from The Cannon Fort in Cat Ba

The historical value on the land of The Cannon Fort

Hai Phong, a harbor city, is an important site of military in the French Colonists and American Empire. Located atop the hill in Cat Ba Archipelago, the Cannon Fort was built by French in 1942, consists of two large artillery guns and trenches deep in the heart of the mountain. During the war, all must be transported by human, the people were exploited, pulled each part of cannon up the mountain by human strength at 177m height above the sea level. The enemy completed the assembly and use this battle to plot to entrench in Vietnam for a long time.

The Cannon Fort cat ba

The 1st artillery fire at The Cannon Fort

In 1945, after the French retreated, the Vietnamese army repaired the metal fires, utilize the fort for the purpose of resistance. Then, The Hai Phong Cannon Fort became a main defensive line with strategic observation function, high military weapons and the site where marked fierce artillery battles, the heroic struggle of Vietnamese army with invaders.

Travel to Cat Ba can not miss The Cannon Fort

Thanks to majestic mountains and rivers, The Cannon Fort today is a appealing attraction.

Block the feet at there, zoom out from the high position, visitors easily catches out the beauty combined between wild nature and islands, blue beaches like jade. The other attractions such as Hai Islet, Ban Islet, Guoc Islet or Voi Phuc Mountain, Monkey Island, etc… surrounding around, draw this land much more spectacular and lively.

Historical artifacts in the Exhibition Room at the Cannon Fort

Historical artifacts in the Exhibition Room at the Cannon Fort

Suspending the shock by the beauty of nature here, let move on to have a look the historical artifacts in the Exhibition Room. Historic paintings be reflected through war stories, the photos of cartridge cover, compass, guns, artilleries, etc. but you must stand personally at the Cannon Fort, by own eyes to see, own ears to listen and own hand to touch, you can imagine the value of history survived by time.

Situated at the strategic arcade, Cat Ba Island's the Cannon Fort is a strong fortification, protecting the frontier of the country. What a fantastic Viet Nam!, a beauty not only by the favor of nature, but also the beauty of self-respect, the pride of the national spirit. The country in peace, but still preserves the sacred historical moments. Historical tourism, go to look back, go to understand, to nurture and respect.

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