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Lan Ha Cat Ba - "wonders" beside the wonders
  • By adminuhm
  • 15/11/2018
It is not Cat Ba or Do Son, Lan Ha bay is the name of the fever when referring to Hai Phong tourism time back here. This tranquil bay-shaped gulf is located in the southern part of Ha Long Bay and east of Cat Ba Island, known as the second Ha Long Bay of Vietnam by its spectacular wilderness.

lan ha bay

The beauty of Lan Ha Bay

Fresh beauty of Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay Cat Ba has about 400 large islands, many beautiful shapes are covered with trees, all year round bring fresh air. To visit Lan Ha Bay, visitors will enjoy a complete sunshine combo light, blue sea and cool wind blowing from the sea, all make visitors enjoy. With cool, fresh air, you can travel to Lan Ha Bay at any time of the year but usually attract domestic guests from April to October.

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Explore Lan Ha by Kayak

The density of limestone mountains is quite thick and still very primitive, dividing the sea surface into small bays, between the two rocky mountains, there are many stretches of sand, quiet, no waves, really the ideal beach. The calm waters such as Van Boi, Van Ha, Koh Island, Cu Island, Monkey Island ..., give visitors the opportunity to dive the brilliant coral and immersed in the cool water. On the road to discover Lan Ha bay, Hang Luon, Nam Cat Island, or Tortoise Island, Hon Chuong ... are also worth to stop.

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Experience not to miss when exploring Lan Ha Bay

One of the ways to go to Lan Ha Bay is to go to Beo pier, then buy tickets to visit and charter to the bay. With a ticket price of VND100,000 per person, Lan Ha Bay tickets cost 30,000 VND / person, including bathing tickets, boat trips to beautiful islands, visiting fish rafts, or Van Thanh floating village. - a village in the middle of the sea with history of hundreds of years... and bathed in the Monkey Island beach. If you are planning to take a break at the bays, hotels such as Cat Ba Sandy Beach, Monkey Island Resort, or more economical, with people-friendly lodges are also helpful suggestions.

If you are a fan of exploring, choosing a kayak is a great suggestion. Dropping on a boat, jumping through rocky slopes, slowly sensing the full beauty of the limestone islands and the bustling nature of the bay, is an experience that anyone should try once in life.

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Grilled specialties

Food is definitely an integral part of the trip. Come to Lan Ha, you will definitely have to try the seafood is extremely diverse and fresh here such as grilled seafood, lobster egg sauce, roasted salted crab, lobster wine ...

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After a lot of words describing Lan Ha bay, there is not a word that can describe all the beauty that the Creator has given here. But be assured that, by looking at the place, you will have to whine as anyone come here, that "a journey without regret".
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