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Sink The “Cung Dan Xua” Music Coffee Shop Of Da Lat
  • By Andrew_UHM
  • 15/11/2018

“Cung Dan Xua” music coffee shop in Da Lat, located at the Cultural House of Labor (No. 1 Tran Quoc Toan, Ward 10, Da Lat City) is one of the special musical addresses of Da Lat Mountain City, is where visitors will be immersed in a space full of romance, lyrical and enjoy the absolute relaxing moment. Therefore, “Cung Dan Xua” is more and more music lovers in the locality as well as visitors to the cross.

cung dan xua tea room

“Cung Dan Xua” - where music sublimated

“Cung Dan Xua” music coffee shop in Da Lat is located in a pyramid-shaped house, deep-textured furniture, simple and wide furniture for comfortable feeling. That made people pay full attention to the music performed nightly at the bar, with songs pre-war immortal. Because they only serve the old music, the guests are mostly old people. Sometimes you will also encounter young people. They come to find the taste of life from close tunes, bold lyrics of human philosophy, of life and death or of love.

There is a green branch with the name of Bach long Vi Island

The “Cung Dan Xua” Music Coffee Shop in Da Lat

At the “Cung Dan Xua” music coffee shop, the lights with the deep colors mixed somewhere a little fanciful dream of the yellow light, giving visitors the feeling of relaxation, comfort between the worries of life. If you are a patron of the shop, you will meet Miss Hong - the owner - a woman always embraces the guitar prelude, then show deep lyrical songs. Just look at her in a high chair, considerate with the instrument, affectionate with the audience, and emotionally rich in sound, you can see how much love her music.

“Cung Dan Xua” - keeping the soul of Da Lat

At present, “Cung Dan Xua” music coffee shop only serves in the evening. The menu is simple drinks such as coffee, tea, juice ... but the staff elaborate meticulous satisfaction to customers. Average price for a dish in the restaurant ranges from 100,000 VND (including surcharge for music night).

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The “Cung Dan Xua” Music Coffee Shop in Da Lat City

At “Cung Dan Xua”music coffee shop, it is impossible not to mention the singers. They are not music stars, but come here, visitors must broach the soul, their substance such as: Phuong Hong, Quoc Quan, Minh Tuyen, Guitarist Duy or Hoang Nha. Excitement and love most have to say about the three men in “Cung Dan Xua” without any music coffee shop in Da Lat. That is enough, it is enough for a colorful music night of the music coffee shop “Cung Dan Xua” in Da Lat.

“Cung Dan Xua” music coffee shop as the soul of the mountain river Da Lat has a favorable location for a beautiful soul. Visitors here will feel like you lost in the heavenly realms in front of Xuan Huong Lake is flat, illusory or in the lights shining around and is embraced by a green hills of mountains. The distance is Lang Biang Mountain, on the left is the city hidden in the fog along with the colors of the night lights. Come and feel once in your life!

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