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The mysterious beauty of Trung Trang Cave in Hai Phong
  • By adminuhm
  • 15/11/2018

Trung Trang cave, the largest valley in Cat Ba island, is not only a famous cave with many beautiful stalagmites but also known by thousands of stalactite stones with many interesting shapes. Travel to Trung Trang cave in addition to admire the fantastic tectonic nature, visitors also imaginative to feel the mysterious beauty of the cave by their own way.

trung trang cave

Entrance to Trung Trang Cave

Drop over Cat Ba, donot miss a chance to climb Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang cave is 15 km north west of Cat Ba town, a mountain pass cave that stretches about 300 m, there are rocky islands rising from the water. The beauty of Trung Trang Cave must be the permanence crystallization creation over time as a unique artwork.

trung trang cave cat ba island

The natural beauty of Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang cave is a natural landscape with many values, especially geological value with a cave ecosystem containing typical characteristics. With the pristine structure, Trung Trang cave is home of many species, animals such as bats, insects, reptiles.etc. In addition to the beauty of the rock, the highlight in the cave is the natural forest Kim Giao, utilized by many scientists for research projects of nature.

Have you heard the story of Cat Ba Monkey Island

Are you curious about the mysterious stories of Trung Trang Cave?

Beside famous as the natural wonder, Trung Trang Cave, the typical cave of the Cat Ba island population, is also a place attached with Viet Nam troops and people on the island during the construction and maintenance of the country. Trung Trang cave is said to be the cave that Madame Trung Trang returned to live after helping people expel the enemy. She summoned the young men out to fight the enemy, encouraged the spirit and determined to defend the country. At that time, there were only women left on the island. The name of Cat Ba Island, Cat Ong Island is the same story and is known as the familiar name.

trung trang cave hai phong

The stalactites inside the Trung Trang Cave

In front of the Trung Trang gates, if put attention, visitors will immediately encounter a young girl statue nestling in the cliff and a raven statue handed down as the mascot of Madame Trung Trang for guarding the gate. The more you go into the cave, the more you will be surprised with many unique statues by stalactites and it will be even more interesting to hear local people explain with appealing and thrilling stories.

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End of the journey to explore the Trung Trang cave is definitely a great feeling, half happy and half funny because of new discovering many interesting things at the first time. Exploring Trung Trang Cave is a perfect choice to help visitors have the opportunity to exercise their own health and create a new spirit full of excitement and much fun
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