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  • By Andrew_UHM
  • 15/11/2018
Bach Long Vi Island - the most remote island in the Gulf of Tonkin, 110 km from the island of Ha Long (Haiphong), is an indispensable choice for travelers on the island, adventure on the boat among the children. offshore waves. White Dragon - "White Dragon Tail" is an island looking forward, which is important not only for sovereignty at sea, but also for large travel, is an excellent choice for visitors when visiting North East Vietnam.

bach long vi island

Bach Long Vi - The island of the country

Bach Long Vi is located on one of the eight large fishing grounds of the bay, which is important in Vietnam's economic, security and defense development strategy in the Tonkin Gulf as well as in the delimitation of the Tonkin Gulf. There is a legend about the birth of this offshore island. In the wilderness, there is a group of dragons from the sky to the sea of ​​Hai Phong, Quang Ninh. Some dragons are located on the land of Hai Phong, Cat Ba island. The rest is located in the sea of ​​Quang Ninh, Ha Long Bay. White Dragon is a tailed mother dragon, as a dragon in the East Sea.

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bach long vi

Bach Long Vi island has an average air temperature of 23.3 ° C, so you can travel to White Dragon Island any season. But the experience of the island is from April to September, because during this time, the temperature is not too high, you can feel the cool atmosphere of the sky on the remote island. To travel to Bach Long Vi, visitors can take a fishing boat or take a speedboat from Binh Pier (about 7 hours will arrive at the island).

Bach Long Vi - Wild beauty from the sea, sand and rock

Between the great waves, watching the sunrise from the lighthouse is a wonderful experience. You will feel the harmony of sea, sea like hugging the sky and the sky as if lightly on the sea. Your soul will be peaceful and all your worries will be like dust and wind. Standing on the lighthouse, you can see the whole island. Take photo panoramic beauty of Bach Long Vi!

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Bach Long Vi Island brings visitors pristine, but no less refreshing. You can walk around the beach, feel the long white sand smooth. Accompanied by the first silver waves clapping, welcome friends from faraway land to the White Dragon. Or, in the evening, you can organize small parties on the beach. To Bach Long Vi without enjoying seafood is a major shortcoming. Bach Long Vi is famous for its many seafood specialties, especially abalone.

Along with the camp fire, seafood dinner table with Bach Long Vi, the sound of the sea, watching the starry sky ... will be a fascinating invitation! Come to Bach Long Vi Island to experience this amazing thing!